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All of our products begin with clear, pure, mineral rich waters of the Mendocino Coast.  The distinctive undersea canyons located just a few miles from shore along this rugged coast create strong upwelling that force the deepest and purest ocean water to the surface where it's collected.
Why Our Natural Sea Salts and Seasonings Are So Unique

Because of where our sea water is collected and how we harvest it, our natural Sea Salt possesses a delicate taste and graceful texture unlike any other sea salt. Its icy, flakey crystal allows it to crumble quickly when applied to food at presentation. Since our salt crystals are light and crispy, the use of a salt grinder is never necessary. Our sea salt brings out the depth of natural flavors in any dish.

Nori Sea Salt blends dried local nori (edible seaweed) and toasted sesame seeds to create a subtle "briny" and nut flavored salt.  Nori Salt is a wonderful compliment to lighter flavored foods such as fish, poultry, rice, potatoes and vegetables.  For more information about nori click here

Mendocino Seasoning begins with our hand crafted sea salt and combines it with natural ingredients to create a marvelous flavoring for fish, meats, pastas, salads, crab or poultry.

Our natural Nigari is twice distilled and is rich in calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium.  Nigari is often referred to as "La Mer" or "Mother Nature's Liquid."  We make our Nigari using traditional Japanese methods.  Adding a few drops of Nigari to food or water is said to help strengthen the immune system and prevent illness.  In addition, a few drops in the bath acts as a natural skin moisturizer.  The health benefits of Mendocino Nigari are as numerous as grains of sand on the beach.  For more information about Nigari click here.
Nigari . . . "Mother Nature's Liquid"
"At first taste we were hooked",  Catherine Bartolomei - Owner of the Sonoma Farmhouse Inn        "Your seasoning is absolutely devine",  Linda Friedman - Moose Cafe in Mendocino    "The quality of your salt crystals are superb",   Mitchell Darland - Arras France     "… your product has become indispensable in our kitchen."    Brooks Larson - Sacramento     "..the best "food" tasted that whole day."    Chef Claudia Imatt -    "It's local, it's amazing and it's healthy!"    Catherine Bartolomei - Owner of the Sonoma Farmhouse Inn    "I live in France and have received your full line of salts from a relative and am very impressed!!!"    Mitchell Darland - Arras France    "We picked up some salt and some of the blend, and we've been using it on everything".    Catherine Bartolomei - Owner of the Sonoma Farmhouse Inn    "…thank you for making such a wonderful product!"    Mitchell Darland - Arras France
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